Glass Blowing

Some pics from my thanksgiving weekend blowing glass at my Dad’s studio. I haven’t done this in a few years, but apparently it’s like riding a bike and it came back to me pretty quick.

Half Shot Shot Glasses


What are my half shot shot glasses good for?

Here is my 1/2 shots resume of sorts.

1/2 shot shot glasses have many talents such as holding the little flowers (usually dandelions) that small children give you as gifts; holding tooth pics with a certain flare; teeny tiny juice glass….sure why not?.
And last but no least my 1/2 shot shot glasses are good for having a mad hatter-esk night with a group of your wackiest funnest friends sipping mezcal (or whatever you like to drink…but according to my FB feed mezcal is really hot right now) and laughing the night away under the stars.
And that my darling is what they are good for!
Now it’s you’re turn ….what do you think my 1/2 shot shot glasses would be good for?