13906810_10209171939550124_4571452518475233315_nIt’s no secret that I have been making glass for quite a few years now…..17 years!  I was 18 going on 19 when I started, if your wondering what 19 year old me looked like check out the pic below.  I originally fell in love with glass blowing while ln Finland on a student exchange, a friend’s mom was kind enough to take me on a tour of the Nuutajärvi Glass Village.  THANK YOU!  I also saw my first lampwork beads being made while in Finland too.  I used to have to ride my bike over the cobble streets of old town Porvoo to get to school.  In the afternoon on the way home I would ride past a little gallery type shop where sometimes there was a women sitting just inside the door making these wonderfully earthy organic beads.  When I returned home (briefly) my family ended up moving to Palm Springs, California.  Where I began an apprenticeship with a glass blower at a local artist colony name Palapas.  While learning to blow vases, cups…etc, I started playing around with a torch to make little beads to make into jewelry.  Once I moved back to Canada I took what I learned blowing glass and combined it with what I had learned making beads, and started making the lampworked glass pendants that I am known for now.
Now 17 years later I am living in and working in Saskatoon….in the Canadian prairies. 


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